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1. Ready made design - Personal & non commercial license:
Choose an existing design that you love for your personal project or event. Suitable for private events, internal company materials / merch and other non-commercial uses. This license is non-exclusive and can be used on products that are not for sale and not public.
Cost: flat rate starting at 99$ CAD +

2. Ready made design - commercial non exclusive license: 
Choose an existing design that you love - easy and fast license for usage on your product. Non exclusive means other companies may purchase a license for the same design.
Cost: flat rate starting at 450$ CAD, Royalty-based rate is offered individually if applicable. 

3. Ready made design - commercial exclusive license: 
Choose an existing design that you love - and use it exclusively. You can choose to have the exclusive usage rights on a certain type of item, industry, geographical area and timeframe. 
Cost:  flat rate starting at 800$, Royalty-based rate is offered individually if applicable. 

4. Custom design: 
I will create a special design tailored to your needs and dreams - We start with your vision, and consider your goals, customer base, existing branding, and the technical guidelines. This process usually has 2 rounds of sketches and feedback, and you will receive the final design + printing file setup. You will have exclusive usage rights and hold a one-of-a-kind design. 
Cost: please contact for a quote-

<< Adjustments and modifications to ready-made design: You might have specific printing guidelines or  special color requests - I'd be happy to accommodate your needs if technically possible. Adjustments are billed separately >>

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Licensing a ready-made design

How is the price calculated?
Product type, exclusivity type (products / area), timeframe of usage, and other individual factors determine the final cost to license a design.

Why does the way I use the design impact the price, if it's the same design?
Excellent question. The full price of a product / service typically covers all aspects that go into completing the work. Let's compare it to baking a cake: when ordering a cake from the bakery, the cost will be the same whether you end up eating the whole cake or just a slice.
With licensing, you're sharing the cost with other people - and each one pays for the size of their slice. the more uses and exclusive territories you want to license, the larger your slice will be. 

What type of file will I receive?
.psd / .ai , and Jpeg. (other options are possible upon request)

Will you take care of the production process - such as setting up the files and working with my manufacturer?
I do not communicate with third parties on your behalf. However, I always require that you obtain the printing guidelines from your manufacturer upfront - in order to make sure the design is compatible, and that no issues will occur later on.

Can I modify the file - for example: rearrange a pattern, rescale / delete some details or make color changes?
The license does not allow any type of modification, and the design should be used as-is. Minor color adjustments for optimizing the printing results or re-scaling the whole design, without changing the proportions, is permitted.

Can I use the file I purchased and print it on other items / on my website?
You can use the file of the design according to your licensing agreement. If you wish to re-use it for other purposes, please get in touch and I'd be happy to create a new agreement for your new needs. Please keep in mind that in certain cases, that won't be possible if it conflicts with another client's exclusive license (for example: you have a license for gift wrap and now wish to expand to textile, but another company already holds an exclusive license for textile). 

How do I know how it will look on my product in real life?
The colors on screen can vary from device to device, and even more on a physical product. The end result will depend on the product material, base color, and most importantly - printing quality. It is very important to invest in high quality manufacturing, and to always request samples. Most manufacturers provide graphic design support, who will be able to accommodate any color or positioning adjustments needed before / after the sample print. If you have no experience with printing, I highly recommend choosing a place with that type of support.

Will I own the rights to the design?
No, you will not become the owner of the copyrights. However, your license will permit you to use the design commercially, according to your agreement.

Custom design 

Will I owns the rights to the design?
No, you will not become the owner of the copyrights. However, you will hold the exclusive permit to use the design, according to your agreement.

How long is the process?
It really depends. Before we get started we will talk in depth in order to understand your needs and expectations. I will then provide a suggested timeline that is appropriate to your specific project.

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