Winter Water Planes Pattern
Project goal: Create a seamless pattern, to be applied onto physical products sold during the holiday season as well as year round.
Product audience: Children + people who buy for their inner child. 
Project special guidelines: No use of Christmas elements, but still be suitable for christmas use.

Creation process: Who is in each plane? did they just arrive or are they taking off soon? so many stories that can inspire a child's curiosity. The color palette is crisp and snowy, adding another layer to the story and also making it suitable for the holiday season, yet relevant year round - cutting manufacture costs and product waste.

Licensing option: Yes, feel free to contact me
Snippets from the creation process:
The first version I created in 2019, using a hand-drawn approach, is available as gift wrap & notebooks - knuffel
Arctic Life Pattern
Arctic boats vector pattern design - for kids and toddlers  textiles, clothes, stationery and items.

Project goal: Create a seamless pattern, to be applied onto physical products sold around the holiday season as well as year round.
Product audience: Children.
Project special consideration: No use of Christmas elements, in order to be marketable year round, but still be suitable for holiday season products and uses.

Creation process: How do you say Christmas without spelling in out? winter, of course!
How do you appeal to kids year round? create a magical space that calls for adventure and exploring!
The arctic ocean was the perfect fit for both winter and imagination, so I created a little wonderland within a pattern - giving a sense of an endless adventure. 

Licensing option: Yes, feel free to contact me
See sketches and stages of the hand-drawn version (2018) in this blog post.
Watch vectorizing the pattern (2020) :
Snowy Lighthouses Pattern
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All 3 winter patterns together as a set on different items:
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