Botanical illustrations of mushroom types - for wall decor, tote bags and dish towels @knuffel + packaging design.

Project goal: Create mushroom themed designs for homeware accessories - tea towels, tote bags and art prints.
Product audience: home decor enthusiasts, trend shoppers, gift seekers.
Project special consideration: limited use of color, created in separate layers, in order to be compatible with screen printing.

Creation process: I started by researching and learning about mushroom types, and choosing a variety of mushrooms with diverse features, in order to create a visually appealing design. The next step was to draw the outlines and details of the main image, using ink on paper. After scanning and cleaning the image in photoshop, I created a second layer of the orange color, by drawing flat shapes that add depth. For each product I created a new file and assorted the mushrooms according to the size and ratio. Having 2 separate layers allowed to create 2 versions of art prints, and to use only 1 layer for the textiles - for a sleek look and for cost effective manufacturing.

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